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Featured post

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2016 Landscapes Art Exhibition Winner of Honorable Mention Award.   Louise Webber – Grande Prairie, Canada  LOUISE WEBBER, ARTIST STATEMENT I can spend many hours in my studio, lost in my painting or sketches as they take on a life of their own, working through composition and lighting challenges. My heart races and I hold my breath as I work through the subtle skin tone changes of my portraits, my excitement builds as I work the paints together to create skin tones of blues, greens, yellow and pinks, reds, etc. Sometimes I enter my studio and putter around, walking by my blank canvas or sheet of artist paper, not knowing what I will be painting or sketching next, not knowing which medium I will choose or should I say , which medium will choose me, speak to me, beckon me to pick it up and feel it’s texture between my fingers, smell its oil bases and fine grinds, begging to be transformed from a tube of paint or a Cont’e stick or vine charcoal , or a silky soft pastel stick, to a portrait that comes alive on the canvas or paper. The anticipation is addictive and exhilarating.

I started this large Bison painting in December.  I keep changing the colors in the painting, more like adjusting them.  It just doesn’t feel right yet but it is coming along.  I have painted 29 Bison in the field.  I took the reference photos this past fall when my husband and I went for a drive to find Bison to take photos of.  We found several fields of Bison but most were too far away from the highway to get clear photos of.  Finally on our way home we found a field of Bison and they were grazing near the road so we stopped and I jumped out armed with my Nixon and got my reference photos.  I will continue tomorrow with my painting and see where it goes.  

Oil on stretch canvas. Bryn


Soft pastels

Watercolor,Cree People, Drums Across Canada.



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Watercolor. Cree people.

Photo post by @webberlt9.

Source: Watercolor. Cree people.

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