How to make Galleries contact you to show your work.

I have had Galleries contact me from Portugal, Rome, Venice, New York, New Mexico, Columbia, etc., to show my work and you can to.

All i did was get my artwork published by WORLD WIDE ART BOOKS in California in their 2016 CURRENT MASTERS 2 publication, a beautiful hard covered book distributed world wide to specific Galeries and Collectors.  Try it.  You never know until you try. 

Best places in Alberta to buy art supplies

There are two major places to buy professional art supplies in Alberta and they are in Edmonton.  Delta Art and Drafting Supplies and The Paint Spot.  I shop at both.  Each one offers your basic art supplies and each one offers a few things different from the other.  Between the two, most artists can find everything they need to create their masterpieces.

Pastel madness

I am mad about soft pastels.  I have painted in oils for 25 years and have just tried soft pastels and love the look and feel of them.  The thing i like the most is working directly with my fingers in the pastel pigment.  I love the silky feel of the pigment dust and the grain of the pastel paper.